Research Trawls

Motueka Nets specialises in purpose built nets to meet the specific requirements of Research vessels.



  • NIWA research vessel Tangaroa is New Zealand’s only vessel with DP2 dynamic positioning, is New Zealand’s only ice-strengthened research ship, is well-equipped for a wide range of environmental survey and ocean science work, including fisheries surveys.Works throughout the South Pacific, Southern Ocean, and Antarctica.
  • Research vessel, Kaharoa, is capable of working throughout New Zealand's EEZ and further afield. Kaharoa can trawl to a depth of 600 metres and has surveyed most inshore fish species around New Zealand.
  • Motueka Nets design and manufacture a wide range of research trawls, nets and drogues for both Tangaroa & Kaharoa, we can do the same for you too