About Us

Motueka Nets is a family owned business that was also part of a fishing company as well as owners of several trawlers and quota holders here in New Zealand.

With this background, the owners and staff at Motueka nets have a very good knowledge of the needs and requirements in providing fishing gear having been able to trial many of their signature trawls upon their own vessels.

For many years the New Zealand fishing industry has been at the forefront and development  of deep sea trawling. From the outset  Motueka Nets and some of their personnel have very much been a part of that development!

We specialize in the supply of all types of trawl nets, from inshore to deep water.

Over the years we have earned a reputation for our innovative design and manufacture of mid-water trawl gear.

One area in particular is the supply of Mid Water and Semi Pelagic Mid Water trawls to smaller inshore vessel with as little as 150 hp (112kw).

Now with an international focus on fishing resources and the pressure to fish more efficiently and economically, we're becoming increasingly involved with fishing companies who see the need to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

This we have achieved through better design and through the use of more energy efficient materials like Dyneema®.

For us a fishing net is the end product of a much larger process. First and foremost, it is always very important for us to develop a close relationship with you, our customer. We view this as vital, because without your input as well as feedback from the captains on board the vessels, we would not be able to deliver innovative fishing nets to give you the advantage you need in a very tough industry.

We analyse your particular situation and specific needs, from here we carefully tailor our designs individually to your vessels, conditions and species. Of course, all our fishing nets are offered with a thorough back-up service, this means you can always achieve the full potential of all of our designs.

In more recent times, we have been manufacturing nets for a multitude of other uses, both commercial and recreational.

Likewise, many sporting groups have approached us for sports nets, including golf, tennis, cricket and soccer nets as well

Recently we have been involved in the development and deployment of oil recovery nets for the offshore drilling industry.