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For well over 25 years Motueka Nets have gained a reputation for their innovative designs, resulting in outstanding success across a wide range of fishing gear and netting products. This is not just the case here within the demanding conditions of New Zealand's Southern Ocean, but our products are now regularly being sought and used by an increasing International clientele. A contributing factor for this, we believe, is the use of Dyneema® netting in the manufacture of many of our trawls. In fact, we are now recognized as world leaders in the use of this product in the trawling sector.


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About Us

For many years the New Zealand fishing industry has set the international benchmark for deep water fishing technology. Right from the outset Motueka Nets have been at the forefront of that technology.

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In more recent times, we have been manufacturing nets for a multitude of other uses, both commercial and recreational. 

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